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About us: The Dirbie story

Our Focus Chat

At Dirbie we create natural clothing for on and off the golf Course.

Whether playing a game of skins with our mates, a golf weekend away, or competing in a tournament, we want to play good and feel great doing it.

We are hooked on golf, believe in sustainability and we don’t make fast fashion.

Through the use of a performance natural fabric (that needs to be washed less), and designing timeless garments, we can both enjoy the game of golf and the world we play on.

Merino Wool Chat

Having lived a life in the mountains, and more accurately lived in Merino clothing, we understand and rave about the benefits of merino wool.

From sustainability to temp regulating, anti-stink, and the fact that it is just so soft and comfortable, we have implemented this fabric in our apparel businesses from day one.

Living an outdoor life in Norway it’s a no brianer, our closets are full of merino clothing. However, we couldn’t find a merino golf polo, LIGHTBULB! We needed Dirbie.

Golf Chat

Meet the Team

Carl van den boom

CEO, Head of design

Stine Jørgensen

CFO, Head of Marketing

Srdan Pesic

Operations Manager

Nebojsa Radivojevic