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June 28, 2024 4 min read

Golf gloves might seem like a simple piece of gear, but there's a lot more to them than meets the eye. Whether you're a seasoned pro or a weekend warrior, these tips about golf gloves and how to wear them will give you an edge on the course and might just surprise you!

1. Fit is Everything: The Goldilocks Rule

Size matters! A golf glove that's too tight will restrict your movement, while one that's too loose won't give you the control you need. You want a glove that fits just right — snug but comfortable is the best golf glove choice.

Think of it as the Goldilocks rule for your hands. Try different brands and sizes to find the perfect fit, and don’t be afraid to take your time. Remember, a well-fitted glove can improve your grip and ultimately, your game.

2. Glove Wear and Grip Feedback: Your Swing's Secret Weapon 

Ever wonder if your grip is off? Your glove can tell you! A solid grip is key to a good swing, and many golfers struggle with weak or strong grips that lead to slices and hooks. Wearing a glove helps with a consistent hand position with every swing.

Golf glove wear and tear pattern and what is says about your swing

If the pad of your glove is getting worn down or developing holes, it might be a sign that you're gripping the club wrong. This feedback can help you adjust your grip on the golf club and improve your swing. Plus, it’s like having a coach right on your hand — your golf glove is telling you what’s up!

3. Keep Them Clean and Protected: A Little TLC Goes a Long Way 

Golf gloves can get grimy pretty quickly, especially if you're playing frequently. Dirt and sweat can break down the materials and affect the glove's performance.

Give your gloves a little TLC by gently washing them with mild soap and water. Let them air dry to maintain their shape and flexibility. Clean gloves not only look better but also provide a more consistent grip.

Keep your gloves in good condition using a glove pouch, protecting them from unnecessary wear and tear in the bag.

4. Beat the Heat: Rotate and Stay Dry

A golfer in warm weather should change the colorful golf glove regularly

Photo by Matt Aylward on Unsplash

When it's hot outside, your hands will sweat more, making it harder to grip the club without slipping. A glove will help a ton in these conditions. Rotate your gloves every few holes when playing in the heat to keep your grip firm and dry.  Switching between different gloves also helps each one to last longer by allowing them more time to dry out.

A good idea is to carry 2-3 (or more) gloves with you. Plus, it’s a great excuse to sport different colors and styles — who says you can’t look good while you play?

5. The Ritual of Taking Off the Glove: Enhance Your Connection with the Club

Ever notice how some golfers take their glove off before certain shots? It's not just for show. Gloves provide incredible benefits for full swings, giving you a better grip and control, but putting is a different story.

The only player known to wear a glove on the greens was Jack Nicklaus — the Golden Bear himself, who has the most major championships. So, it worked for him, but you won't see many other PGA Tour or LIV golfers doing the same.
Jack Nicklaus at the 1984 Memorial Tournament wearing a golf glove while putting via DPLA

The "Golden Bear" - Jack Nicklaus putting with a golf glove on at the 1984 Memorial Tournament. Photo by Columbus Metropolitan Library, Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons

Taking your golf glove off for putting improves your grip pressure — lighter is better for putting — and enhances your feel, leading to more consistent strokes and hopefully better putts. Plus, it’s a moment to pause, focus, and let your hand breathe before executing that next crucial shot.

Removing your glove before chipping, or short iron shots can significantly improve your feel and connection with the club. Without the glove's barrier, you can better sense the grip pressure and the club's texture, allowing for more precise control. This increased sensitivity helps you finesse delicate shots around the green and shape your approach shots with greater accuracy.

So, next time you're facing a critical shot, consider following this timeless golf tradition and feel the difference in your connection with the club. But make sure you hang your precious Dirbie Glove from the back pocket so your opponents can still see your personal choice of color.

Learn more about how your color choice can influence your golf game.

Bonus Info: Legendary Glove Habits

Arnold Palmer's Putting Ritual:

The legendary Arnold Palmer was known for taking his glove off before putting. As we told you it gave him a better feel for the putter and improved his touch on the greens. A habit that many golfers have adopted, hoping to channel a bit of Palmer's magic.

Phil Mickelson wearing Golf Gloves on Both Hands

Phil Mickelson rocking a golf glove on both hands

Photo curtesy of SkySports

Phil Mickelson often sports a pair of gloves in chilly and wet weather conditions. This helps him maintain a better grip and keeps his hands warm. His readiness for any weather shows his careful approach to the game. But his care for the details of each shot is pretty mind blowing anyway:


Golf gloves are more than just an accessory—they’re a crucial part of your gear that can influence your game. By paying attention to fit, rotating your gloves, using your glove for grip feedback, keeping them clean and protected, and staying prepared for the weather, you can enhance your performance and enjoyment on the course.

So, next time you slip on a Dirbie Golf glove, remember these pro tips and play your best game yet. Happy golfing!