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April 13, 2022 3 min read

Odor-Free golf shirts for men. Is it a myth or it actually exists?

We are going to talk about odor-free or odor resistant golf t-shirts. Yes, my dear folks there is an actual product out there that fully fulfills this description. Thanks to a small innovative golf brand company from Norway called Dirbie we now have this amazing product that “just does NOT STINK” and who is better to design a golfing t-shirt than the actual golfers themselves.

  Golf is a sport that is practiced by many people across the world. A major concern for golfers is the perspiration and odor that can be produced during their sport activities. Golfers from Dirbie found for themselves an answer to this problem in their odor resistant golf shirts.

  There are many brands out there that sell golf t-shirts that enhance performance, improve our game, our looks and style but this brand specialized in solving one major everyday pain that we all had at least once – no one wants to “stink at his game”. Pun intended :) 

Sweaty & smelly t-shirts are a thing of a past thanks to this Dirbie innovation.

golfer 1

You probably heard that Norwegians are very eco-conscious nation, having the highest number of electric cars per capita in the world and being all about saving the planet, conserving water, use of more natural products and so on. Well, it’s no lie that these nature loving people from Dirbie have done it all. They ticked all the right boxes in creating their new product.

 Their secret is in the genius fabric selection that they have used and the best thing about it its almost 100% natural. It is primarily made of the finest merino wool.

Dirbie merino wool is finer and softer than other types of wool, it has natural breathability and thermal properties, which makes it a perfect choice for clothing in both cold & hot weather.

 It is able to regulate body temperature and keep you warm in winter and cool in summer. Merino wool is also known for its ability to absorb moisture and release it into the air quickly, which helps to keep you dry.

moisture wicking benefits

Additionally, merino wool is known for its anti-inflammatory and anti-microbial properties, which can help to keep your skin healthy while you play.

 Odor resistant ability - Merino wool has a natural ability to resist bacteria buildup, meaning your clothes won't smell bad even after wearing them multiple times without washing.

 The merino wool fibre is also naturally elastic and durable, meaning your t-shirt will retain its shape and last longer.

 Some of the benefits of Merino wool include:  

  • Odor resistant 
  • Anti-bacterial
  • Non-itchy
  • Breathable
  • Soft / Flexible
  • Thermo-regulating
  • Moisture wicking
  • Fast drying

 Did you know that most of the professional Polar / Skiing / Snowboarding premium equipment is made of merino wool? Well, our friends from Dirbie are from the polar circle and they know :)

polar team

 Dirbie golfers say that this t-shirt is resistant to sweat and odors and it will feel like the first day you wear it even after using it for many rounds of golf, it will be your new favorite t-shirt for golf and other activities like traveling too. The possibilities for real world applications of this product just keep adding in my mind but I think enough is said. I’ll just say well done, Dirbie.

People go get yours today!